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How Content Marketing Helps Associations Connect with Target Audiences

Posted by Carina May on Mar 22, 2017

Whether your content marketing goal is to grow your membership base or present your association as a trusted resource, if you’re not focused on your core audience, chances are you’ll fall short of reaching your goals. Every association must work to connect on a human level with its target demographic. Doing so increases its reach, boosts engagement, and increases membership.

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Topics: Digital Marketing, Content Marketing

Monitor Social Media in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Posted by Carina May on Mar 8, 2017

Use your time more wisely! Start smart social monitoring immediately.

Approximately 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision (Source: Nielsen), and 72% of people who complain on
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Multi-channel Advocacy Advertising in Washington, DC

Posted by Rick Morris on Feb 16, 2017

Millions of advertising dollars are spent each year targeting Congress.  In Politico today (2/16/17), there are ads by the American Heart Association, AARP and the National Pork Producers Council, among others. And this is just the tip of the advertising iceberg. Just tune into Morning Joe or Meet the Press and watch bigger budget players. Or listen to WTOP during your morning commute.

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Topics: Issue Advertising

The Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist

Posted by Carina May on Feb 10, 2017

Implementing an effective inbound approach can help you convert visitors and leads into customers, and ultimately promoters. If you are thinking about how you can streamline your efforts to reach your target audience, you may want to take a look at our inbound marketing campaign checklist. 

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, CMO Strategy, Digital Marketing

54 Digital Marketing Tools & Resources Organized By Category

Posted by Carina May on Jan 20, 2017

Hundreds of tools are now available to help us develop and implement the best digital marketing strategies possible. But have you ever tried to make sense of them all? We've developed a nice list to help you navigate some various options available by category. 

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Learn. Appreciate. Grow. Happy New Year!

Posted by Smith & Harroff on Jan 2, 2017

Transitioning to a new year is a great time for reflecting on the past, appreciating what we have today, and planning for future. Best wishes and Happy New Year!

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Topics: Inspiration

The Real Deal: Successful Lead Generation Tactics Gleaned from Real-life Projects

Posted by Smith & Harroff on Dec 20, 2016

Only 1 in 10 professional marketers describe their lead generation efforts are "highly efficient and effective." For most organizational leaders, that's simply not good enough.

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Topics: Lead Generation

3 Types of Interactive Content to Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns

Posted by Smith & Harroff on Dec 6, 2016

White papers, eBooks, articles and blog posts are all proven ways to engage with your audience, but interactive content offers a breath of fresh air away from text-heavy pieces. Developing interactive content is not only a fun approach to connecting with consumers, it’s a powerful one that’s getting amazing results for the marketers who use it. It boosts click rates, helps you gather more data, and converts more leads. And best of all, it’s easy to get started by using your existing content.

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Topics: Interactive Content

Tips for Aligning Your Content Strategy with Mobile-First Consumers

Posted by Smith & Harroff on Nov 29, 2016

Mobile devices give consumers the power to interact with brands and service providers in highly personalized ways, using them as their go-to medium to get what they want, when they want it. Along the way they’ve become increasingly more savvy and discriminating users. As mobile continues to take over consumer hearts and minds, marketers are wise to create a content strategy for mobile that keeps pace. The opportunity for mobile engagement is huge, but to seize it you first need to understand the mobile consumer mindset.

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Topics: Mobile

The Rise of Social Selling and Why It's Important for Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Smith & Harroff on Nov 17, 2016

Not so long ago, people sought advice from friends, shared opinions over cups of coffee, and sent off letters of complaint to companies whose products or services didn’t live up to their promise. The truth is, selling has always been social, but today social operates at a speed and level no one could have imagined just a few years back. While your website is the ultimate place for people to learn more about what you offer, consumers are likely also turning to other channels to get the full story about your brand. Review sites, blogs, forums, and social networks are where consumers head to get unedited, honest opinions on you and your products and services.

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Topics: social selling